Use A Mouse To Catch Fish

The Electronic Journal


Chuck Simpson



Seasons change, fish move, we grow older, and our minds become cluttered. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember where I went or what I did last week. Now ask me about last year and there is no telling what I might come up with. Throw fishing in and it’s anybody’s guess. Well, I’ve come up with a sure-fire way to remedy this problem. Keep a journal. I hear what you’re thinking. Too time consuming, right? Wrong! If you are reading this then you probably own a computer and you probably have your hand on a mouse. Look; work smart, not harder. Let’s face it, nobody writes anymore. We all type, e-mail, and print our business with the click of a mouse. Or we file it away in a cyber envelope. It’s quick, tidy and neat.

Those of us who spend anytime on the waters of the Big Bend realize how seasons and weather patterns, coupled with the monthly tide cycles and lunar phases, can play a major role in determining the success of a fishing trip. Changes, even subtle ones can alter the denominators in the formulas we use to complete our fish finding equations. Therefore, the key to success is to eliminate as many variables as possible so we have a better chance at solving the equation. Keeping a log or journal of past fishing trips and the conditions, is one of the best ways to achieve this. If you will log your information consistently every time you fish, over time you will have created a very valuable asset.

Here is how it goes, short, sweet and simple. On the days you fish either before or after, print the tide page for the area you are going to fish. Then go to your favorite weather site and print the weather for that day. You may also want to print the lunar tables, or any other determining factor you believe effects the fishing in your area. All this information can be obtained through the links on a thorough web-site like this one. So simple. All done with the click of a mouse. When you return from your fishing trip, take just a few moments to note your success, good or bad. Then use a highlighter to mark the times and tides you fished. When you are done file them away in a folder under the appropriate month. There it is, you are using your mouse to catch more fish. Now, you don’t have to rely on your memory or excess brainpower. Next year around the same date when you plan a trip, you will have valid information to help you delete some variables from the equation and stack the odds in your favor, that is for catching fish, not the kitchen pass from your wife.